My testimony is old… I

My testimony is old… I don’t know exactly when I started with Dr. Shringer, but it was in the 1990s. I’d moved to Abilene in 1984 to begin college and had allergies from the time I got here. As I aged, it got worse. I finally saw Dr. Shringer, received injections for several years and saw a significant decrease in symptoms. I was having health issues a few years ago… Read more “My testimony is old… I”

Lanette Ferrell

Elizabeth Cavitt

I began seeing Dr Shringer and her staff at the Abilene Allergy & Asthma Clinic approximately 2 years ago and, frankly, I appreciate the relief I have received so much, I cannot overstate my recommendation! I noticed a significant decrease in symptoms the very first week of beginning allergy treatments. At the end of the first month, I had spend my first full month out of bed and didn’t suffer… Read more “Elizabeth Cavitt”

Elizabeth Cavitt

Trevor Thompson

I moved to the Big Country in July of 2009 and suffered with severe allergies for a year. I wish I had visited the Allergy and Asthma Clinic sooner. Dr. Shringer and her staff welcomed me and offered courteous, professional and accurate service. My problems were quickly identified and a plan was put in place to improve the condition. The result has been nothing short of phenomenal. My allergy problems… Read more “Trevor Thompson”

Trevor Thompson

Donna Walsh

I have been receiving weekly injections from Dr. Shringer’s office for over a year. I moved to Abilene 10 years ago and began to suffer wheezing and congestion over the past 5 years. After repeatedly seeing my family doctor and then an ENT I continued with this recurring problem. I had a neighbor to recommend Doctor Shringer whom she had been seeing for a similar problem. Dr. Shringer has given… Read more “Donna Walsh”

Donna Walsh

Since beginning allergy injections at

Since beginning allergy injections at Dr. Shringer’s office, I have finally found relief with my allergies. It was very important to have relief since I work outside occasionally. Thank you Dr.… Read more “Since beginning allergy injections at”

Carlos Villarreal

Go see Dr. Shringer for

Go see Dr. Shringer for you allergy relief needs! She is very professional, super sweet and her office is the most efficient Dr.’s office I have EVER visited! You will not be disappointed with any aspect of your visit here. I felt almost instant relief from my allergies and have never waited more than 5 minutes to be seen for an injection or an appointment with Dr. Shringer. That includes… Read more “Go see Dr. Shringer for”


I would like to express

I would like to express how thankful my son and I are with Dr. Shringer and her practice. My son who is now 4 years of age encountered many episodes of asthma on a daily basis before we got in touch with Dr. Shringer. I found her browsing through the internet and something just drew me to her. I know in my desperation, as a concerned mommy, she knew more… Read more “I would like to express”

Hilda Villarreal

I had suffered from allergies

I had suffered from allergies for years and going to Dr. Shringer was the best decision I could have made. Dr. Shringer is very professional and thorough every time I go in for a check up. I was put on allergy injections and they have helped me feel so much better! My husband became a patient of Dr. Shringer’s as well, because his allergies were so bad they were causing… Read more “I had suffered from allergies”

Bessie Hellums

Before seeing Dr. Shringer I

Before seeing Dr. Shringer I would get a sinus infection from allergies about every 6 weeks. I been on allergy shots for a year with her and have not had a single issue. Her AMAZING office staff are always kind and… Read more “Before seeing Dr. Shringer I”

Shane Davies

I found relief for my allergies

I found relief with my allergies after starting weekly injections. I thank Dr Shringer and her staff for helping me get to this point. I can finally enjoy working in my yard again without breaking out in hives. Allergy injections have also decreased my upper respiratory infections. I am thankful I went to Dr Shringer 2 years… Read more “I found relief for my allergies”

Claudia Sparks

After 20 years of suffering

After 20 years of suffering with allergies, 2 earlier rounds of allergy tests, medication combinations that were largely not effective, and chronic sinus infections, I am so grateful to have come to Dr. Shringer’s office. Under her knowledgeable care, I feel better than I have felt in many years in dealing with plant allergies, and have had no further sinus infections. Her allergy tests and feedback are more comprehensive and… Read more “After 20 years of suffering”

Sandy Freeman

I have been going to

I have been going to Dr Shringer for over 20 years now. In that time I have never lived closer than an hour and a half drive to her office. I will continue to make that drive twice a year until she… Read more “I have been going to”

Jason Costa

I’ve been treated by Dr

I’ve been treated by Dr Shringer for years. She and her staff are courteous and kind. I appreciate her listening to me and not assuming she knows what is going on with me without hearing my symptoms. I’m seen timely and if I have to reschedule they work with me. She never fails to ask about my family. I appreciate her thoroughness and… Read more “I’ve been treated by Dr”

Sherry Anderson

Asthma Symptom Free

Dr. Shringer – I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all your help thru the years. When Adam had his first visit with you, his asthma was so bad we wondered if he would ever have an athletic career. But with your help, you makde this possible. He has really excelled and has made all-district in football and is looking forward to be competitive… Read more “Asthma Symptom Free”


Dr Shringer is a very

Dr Shringer is a very caring and patient doctor. She takes the time to hear your concerns and does anything and everything to find the problem and get you on the right path to a healthier life. I first saw Dr shringer almost a year ago and I told her my issues and she did an allergy test on me. Mine was pretty bad, so she started me on weekly… Read more “Dr Shringer is a very”

Lucy Alcala

Dr Shringer is the very

Dr Shringer is the very best! I would not take my kids anywhere else for their allergy and asthma concerns. She is compassionate, WONDERFUL with children, and her expertise and craft is unmatched. My kids got their childhood back after suffering with allergies and asthma for years. Thank you to Dr. Shringer and her amazing… Read more “Dr Shringer is the very”