Allergy and Asthma Treatment and Services at the Clinic

Initial Consultation

During this approximately 1 1/2 hour visit, you will undergo a complete evaluation of your condition, which includes a detailed history and comprehensive physical examination.

To pinpoint your allergies, Dr. Shringer uses the skin testing methodology – a very sensitive, reliable and accurate method of testing for allergies.  If it is determined you suffer from asthma or you have been previously diagnosed with asthma, a pulmonary function test (PFT) will be conducted.

Upon conclusion of the physical examination and necessary tests, Dr. Shringer will summarize the findings and consult with you, outlining a treatment program customized to your individual needs.  If immunotherapy (allergy injection therapy) is required, arrangements will be made for the preparation of a suitable allergy extract.

Allergy Skin Testing

Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Abilene

As part of the initial consultation, allergy skin testing will be performed.  It is recommended that you abstain from taking any cough or cold medications (including antihistamines and decongestants) for 48 hours prior to your first visit.

Two types of skin tests are performed:

  • Prick Tests – Performed on the Patient’s Back
  • Intradermal Tests – Performed on the Patient’s Forearms

The prick tests are performed with disposable, sterile applicators.  To maximize the accuracy and enhance overall testing, intradermal tests are performed to supplement the prick tests.  Both types of tests are virtually painless and are very much tolerable to patients of all ages.  If your child is to be tested, we will gladly simulate each type of test on you, if you so desire.

Allergy Injections | Immunotherapy

AllergAllergy and Asthma Clinic of Abileney injections (also known as allergy immunotherapy) are an effective and safe treatment for people who suffer from a variety of allergic diseases including generalized allergy symptoms, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and allergic asthma. 

When taken properly, allergy shots
significantly decrease symptoms and improve quality of life.

Based on the results of your allergy skin testing, an allergy extract will be prepared according to your individual needs.  This extract which is taken through weekly injections administered on your upper arm, builds a tolerance to the specific allergens that trigger your allergy symptoms.

After taking these allergy shots for a certain period of time (this varies by individuals), you will eventually go into a maintenance mode where you will no longer suffer from allergy symptoms nor will you be required to take further injections for allergies.

Office Visits / Follow-up Appointments

Periodic examinations are important  in order for Dr. Shringer to evaluate your progress and keep abreast of your condition.  You are requested to return at a specific interval for follow-up visits.  At such time, Dr. Shringer will review your condition to see if any variation in your medication(s) and/or immunotherapy is required.  Many diseases have similar symptoms and complications.  If you develop a new symptom or problem, please understand that it will be likely necessary for you to schedule an office visit.